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Mini Electric Scooters

That craze for motorized scooters for kids continues to sweep America and mini electric scooters are just befitting younger children who are moving on from push scooters.

The first mini electric scooter that I saw was the X-treme X-10 scooter that my husband bought for our son, Paul, at Christmas and he's always out on that pavement riding about in the fresh air. Its top speed is 8mph and its range is just 5 kilometer after kilometer, so I never worry about him going too fast or too far away from home. My husband chose it because of its superior safety features which include a variable speed twist throttle, which means that if Paul ever falls off it's going to stop immediately. And it has a good rear hand lever operated brake, so if he accidentally goes heli-copter flight pavement, he can brake straightaway.

This model of mini electric scooter is recommended for kids that examine no more than 100 lbs. It's got 6" solid, polyurethane tires that give him a smooth ride and the handle bars are adjustable for height, so when he grows it will grow with him. It came complete with a few 2 volt sealed batteries which are easy to recharge on a regular electric outlet for between 3 - 6 hours, so that's easy for him to do himself.

Being electric, it doesn't make any noise to worried the neighbors and I'm pleased because it's environmentally friendly. This model is part of a range of mini utility scooters by X-treme, and is only for use on flat, dry, level ground like a pavement, you can get more " heavy-duty " models for use where there are rocks or gravel on the ground.

For my daughter, Clare, we find the Razor iMod Sweet Pea pink mini El løbehjul pris. She loves the style of it and I have to say I think it's pretty cool myself! It's got a European look which is like the Vespas you see everywhere you go in Italy. Clare also loves the fact that her mini electric scooter has two speakers and a docking station where she can plug in her Apple iPod and listen to her own tunes or Radio.

It's so nice to see both my kids outside playing, instead of being glued to the computer and the TV. Clare's Sweet Pea scooter has the safety twist throttle and can go up to 15 mph, to make sure that makes her feel really 'grown up'. She loves to go to the store for me and with plenty of storage space below the seat, carrying it home is no problem. I make sure that they both wear crash helmets and leg and elbow pads at all times when they go out on their mini electric scooters, but up to now we haven't possessed any spills.

One of the snazziest mini electric scooters that I've started to see the older kids riding with is the Euro-Style scooter from Razor. It's a scaled down version of a classic adult scooter design together with looks just like a real moped. It can go up to 15mph and has a range of 10 miles per charge. It can be for ages 12 and over has a high torque motor and variable speed chain drive which gives the idea maximum power transfer and a quiet ride. It's got 12" front and rear pneumatic tires and can be purchased in purple or Bistro green. Its maximum weight load is 150 lbs and it also has the safe twist-grip velocity control and hand operated rear brake available on most mini electric scooters. Like the Sweet Pea selection, this model has storage space and a 12 volt rechargeable battery plus a center mounted kickstand.

Electric Scooters For Kids - A Brief Buying Guide

You will be considering giving your child the gift of a scooter. There are so many makes and models available today that it may be hard to narrow down your choices and settle on the right one. Are electric scooters a good choice, or should you choose some sort of manual one instead? Should you choose a stand-up scooter or a sit-down, Vespa-style model? Your child's age, size together with ability to control the scooter are important things to think about when you go scooter shopping.

First of all, most companies that production electric scooters recommend that only children 8 years and older should ride their products. This is a standard that should be heeded for your child's safety. A younger child might have trouble controlling even the smallest and most sleek and stylish electric scooter, which means there's more potential for accidents.

Even if your child is 8 years of age or older, it's best to check with your state and local laws before buying any type of electric scooter. Some states have varying grow old limits for riding scooters, and some towns set their own age limits which are sometimes as high as 15 yrs . old. There may also be local restrictions on where anyone can ride an electric scooter that can make owning an individual almost pointless. Some small towns don't allow them on roads, sidewalks or bike paths and that really limits how much a child would be able to use an electric scooter.

You'll also need to consider your child's weight. While electric scooters come in a variety of models that can handle different weight ranges, you'll want to purchase a scooter that's big enough without the need of going overboard. If you're looking at a stand-on scooter, for instance, and your child weights 80 pounds, then one which has a weight capacity of 120 would be better than one with a weight capacity of 220.

It's easy to think that probably bigger is better and perhaps even safer. As your child grows, the larger scooter might seem like something that he or she can employ indefinitely. But scooters that have larger weight capacities are typically heavier, and may be harder for a lighter body fat child to control. On the other hand, if your child has balancing issues, you might consider a slightly larger scooter. Since these are typically made to hold more weight, they often have a wider deck that can offer more stability and balance.

You can pick out a stand-on or sit-down scooter for your child. Younger children who are transitioning from something like a manual scooter are generally good candidates for stand-on scooters. These are exactly like classic scooters but with electronic operation. Some quite possibly come with a seat so the child can stand or sit. The standard sit-down scooters typically look like mini Vespas or even small motorcycles. The tires on these models are usually a few inches larger, and that can help make available more balance. Aside from that, the chief differences are price and looks, with the stand-on models costing a bit less ın comparison to the sit-down electric scooter varieties.




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